Sunday, April 11, 2021

Festivities grip steel city, artistic work on display this pujas

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Jamshedpur : While the Puja is here, nothing else is or exists. With over 290 puja pandals adoring, Jamshedpur has turned into an exotic location where radiant faces of the people speak volumes of the importance of the festival.

Various puja committees are taking innovative steps to attract devotees. From magic show to musical show a lot of ideas are being used this year. The Circuit House area puja committee, which one of the oldest pandals in the city, is drawing huge crowd.

From giant replica of Jharkhand village to temples of Nepal are on huge display this puajs to attract the lakhs of pandal hoppers. Defeating the ‘cost deficit mantra’ of this year pujas a section of the puja committees in the Steel city have gone a step ahead and incurred additional expenses to build few class puja pandals.

The first the list is the New Sidhgora Durga Puja Committee that has generated much curiosity among the puja enthusiasts for its ‘different touch’ altogether.

The hanger, has been built by CH Area Durga Puja Committee, too has generated a lot of interest among the pandal hoppers for its uniqueness.

“Terracotta, cotton, water colour beside, wooden structure has been utilized to construct the temple replica. It is in the night when the real beauty of the structure will be on display,” informed Srinivas Rao, functionary of the puja committee.

Nearly a dozen odd puja pandals in the city are worth a look this pujas as in the backdrop of the steep price rise and recessionary trend a large block of the 340 odd puja committees in the industrial town have limited themselves to ‘budget pandals’.

“Only handful of puja committees that have the capacity to spend few more lakhs from their funds have taken the courage to built expansive pandals otherwise, the city is celebrating budget puja this year,” asserted Partho Chakroborty.

1) The oldest Sarwajanik Durga Puja of the Steel City

2) The only Sarwajanik Durga Puja organised by woman members in the City.

3) Traffic woes during the week long Durga Puja celebration.

4) Modalities of district traffic department to check traffic congestion.

5) Arms checking exercise to make Puja a safe celebration.

6) Possibilty of NCC cadets assisting district traffic police during Pujas.

7) Running of special trains from Tatanagar to Howrah during pujas.

8) Addition of compartments to the existing trains plying on Tatanagar Howarh route during Pujas.

9) Commercialistion of the Durga Puja celebration.

10) Festive atmosphere reverbating the beats of Dhaki.

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