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Festive fervor marks �Rath Yatra� in Jamshedpur, devotees pull grand chariots of Lord Jagannath

Special kirtan group from Russia participates

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Jamshedpur, July 4 : Hundreds of people belonging to various communities took part in the �rath yatra� of Lord Jagannath. The rath yatra was organised at many different places across the steel city.

In Jamshedpur, Ratha Yatra Festival was organised at Beldih Naga Temple, which is the oldest in the city and has been celebrating it for the last 82 years, Sonari Geeta Bhawan; Jagannath temple, Khasmahal; Gandhi Ashram in Baradwari, Devasthan temple in Burmamines and the biggest Rath  Yatra was organised by Iskcon at the Bistupur based Ram Mandir with a special kirtan group from Moscow, Russia.

Persons of all ages joined hands in pulling the chariot. International Society for Krishna Consciousness ( ISKON)  organsied �Rath Yatra�  from Ram Mandiram in Bistupur to Sakchi Agrasen Bhawan.   Bhajans, kirtans and kolatam dance were performed all along the procession.

A crowd of about 26,000 celebrated the procession where devotees tried to pull the chariots. More than 20 local organisations  supported the Iskcon Rath Yatra festival this year.

A Maha Aarti was offered to the chariots while the chariots were on their way to the ‘Mausi baadi’. This time an ‘ulta Rathyatra’ on July 12 will also be celebrated by the Iskcon members.

A blend of religious zeal and passion convert the streets and alleys of the city into a kaleidoscope of colors and gaiety. Festival began with a huge fanfare of drums and cymbals. They were accompanied by music and dancers.

 �For us it is the most important event of the year. Every year the yatra is taken out with pomp and show. Moreover we also believe that the human body itself is the chariot of the almighty and our senses are the horses that pull the chariot. And the rath yatra symbolizes taking our body in the right direction,� said Bhagwan Das, priest of the mandir.

The rath yatra began in the evening and it took more than two hours for it to reach its destination. Children, dressed as Sri Krishna and Balarama and other mythological characters participated in the procession, were the cynosure of all eyes.

Maintaining the more than a seven decades rich tradition, the Rath Yatra Committee of Jugsalai organised a grand �rath yatra� during which the Lord Jagannath was worshipped with his elder brother Bala-Rama and his sister Subhadra.

�The event is inspired from the Puri Jagannath Yatra, our forefathers started it more than seven decades though several other committees too take out yatras but we have maintained the tradition with full devotion,� noted a member of the committee.

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