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Father, mother, and teacher’s role in social change more than police

By Dr. Satywan Saurabh

We need to understand the importance of strict laws as well as the role of father, mother, and teacher in cultivating values individually, to eliminate the disgusting thinking of rape. It is time to pay attention to the importance of formal education as well as informal orientations. According to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, it is important to emphasize the importance of the role played by father, mother, and teacher in creating a virtuous person and ultimately a moral and happy society, which will be able to prevent the danger of corrupt conduct and for all. We will ensure goodness.

In the early years, a child catches many things just by watching. A child acts on what he sees. In the early formative years, the effect is reflected in a person’s lifetime. The value that a person chooses at this stage has a profound effect on the development of behavior. Children usually consider their parents or teachers as their role models and try to imitate them. If teachers or parents indulge in bad behavior, then it is more likely that children will adopt and engage in similar values. Teachers and parents should strive to radiate positive practices.

The family is considered as the primary institution of socialization, as it influences the values and behavior that make the person interact with other members of society. The dedication of parents to hard work on sycophancy in office, timely payment of taxes, not jumping the queue to pay electricity bills, or bribing the head of the temple for easy entry are some of the examples by which members teach the child important civic values. Day-to-day life becomes a source of moral education.

 The character of the teacher also affects the character of a student. It shapes the student’s outlook. There are laws to curb any kind of corrupt conduct, but it is not enough if the society is corrupt. Dr. Kalam regulates virtue behavior from within more than a law to bring our attention to the role played by individual agents to remove social villains. Parents and teachers are important players in imparting qualities that make society better.

Parents also have to keep in mind what our child is seeing in today’s digital form. The ill-effects of the Internet are also responsible for such dirty incidents. There is a need to look at how he is watching plays and films. Bollywood of today is completely naked except for patriotism and social issues. Except for a few films, we cannot watch other films with family. Scenes like nakedness, intoxication, and murder are dominating the mindset of children, which is having an impact on their real life. This is the reason that our society has become completely filmy today. We have forgotten to appreciate the values of life because the service is being filth.

Bollywood stars have a direct impact on the younger generation and children. Experts in the media and entertainment industry said that while Bollywood has never been seen as morally high ground, recent events have acknowledged the disenchantment of the Indian middle class with the industry. A recent survey by the Indian Institute of Human Brands found that 82% of youth ages 18�30 said that drug abuse by a celebrity made them ‘untrustworthy’, and that they would by such a celebrity Will not buy endorsed brands. Youth is the property of the country and this is the most sensitive category for drug abuse. Therefore, adopting a strict multi-pronged strategy should try to prevent this danger.

A child’s mind is like clay and teachers as well as parents are potters who can only shape as they wish. (Matrudevobhava Priti Devo Bhava, Acharyadevabhava (Respecting mother, father, and teacher, as they are forms of God.) Centuries ago, this verse of the Taittiriya Upanishad has tried to emphasize the importance of parents and teachers. It is still relevant today because To make our country a better place, the words of Dr. Kalam are rightly expressed.

Our rites along with loose laws are of vital importance in heart-breaking incidents like rape and the social downfall of the society. If both of them fulfill their responsibilities properly then only social changes will happen. To be proved too weak is a bell of danger for society. Therefore, the government should bring strict laws and good rites to parents and teachers. If this happens then the work of the police will be easy, we should understand this.

(Dr. Satyavan Saurabh is a research scholar, poet, independent journalist and columnist. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at [email protected])

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