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There is more world ahead of the stars

By Dr. Satyavan Saurabh

Bollywood and controversies have a strong relationship. Whether it is about casting couches, decadence, nepotism, prejudice, or high and mighty relationships, Bollywood has certainly occupied center stage for a long time in the global media. Now, once again, the entertainment industry finds itself in a global gaze with allegations of drug addiction and debentary surfacing. This time controversy erupted after actress Kangana Ranaut made claims about Bollywood’s involvement in drugs.

The actress recently stated on her Twitter account that 90% of Bollywood addicts. In the same tweet, Kangana also revealed some big names in the industry, being cocaine addicts. The actress also claimed that police and politicians are also partners when it comes to drugs. NCB along with its buyers, drug dealers, and suppliers in Bollywood is tracing those who are running the business. Its emerging picture is that many former and current actors of Bollywood have come on the radar of the agency.

The connection between Bollywood and drugs is quite old. Many stars were ruined due to its lateness, but some freed themselves from its illusion. Actor Sanjay Dutt, who was suffering from lung cancer, was once called the Drug King of Bollywood. The intake of drugs and alcohol made them hollow from within. When he was being treated in the US, the doctors gave him a list of different types of drugs to tell him which of them he has consumed.

The doctors were surprised to see that Sanjay had set a spell on everyone, that is, he had consumed every drug in that list. After all, how did these drugs reach them? However, after treatment in America, Sanjay made a great comeback and also made a tremendous body and he realized that there is no bigger addiction than life. But today he is battling lung cancer.

Rapper and singer Yo Yo Honey Singh became such a hit in the world of music that success began to speak and in his fun, he became addicted to drugs and alcohol. Since then, Honey Singh’s songs stopped coming and he also went to the Rehab Center. After staying away from his loved ones for a long time, however, Honey Singh has returned from winning the war on drugs and is focusing on his music career.

The Bollywood of today is completely naked except for patriotic and social issues, except for exceptional films, we cannot watch other films with the family. Scenes like nakedness, intoxication, and murder are dominating the mindset of children, which is having an impact on their real life. This is the reason that our society has become completely filmy today. We have forgotten to appreciate the values of life because the service is being filth.

Experts in the media and entertainment industry said that while Bollywood has never been seen as morally high ground, recent events have acknowledged the disenchantment of the Indian middle class with the industry. A recent survey by the Indian Institute of Human Brands found that 82% of youth ages 18�30 said that drug abuse by a celebrity made them ‘unreliable’ and that they were exposed by such a celebrity Will not buy endorsed brands. Youth is the property of the country and this is the most sensitive category for drug abuse. Therefore, adopting a strict multi-pronged strategy should try to prevent this danger.

Undoubtedly, this episode has tried to reveal the black truth of Bollywood. Acts like brother-nephew, dynastic status, black money, casting couch, physical abuse are the product of Bollywood. The dark truth of the world in which the youth of today is ready to do everything to step into it.

Bollywood stars have a direct impact on the younger generation and children. Their addiction bets also leave an impact on them. Drugs are common in Bollywood and a casting couch is needed. Knowing all these, the younger generation must now change their mind. Should look for a golden future in a clean area where he can do something good for society. There is more where ahead of the stars. What is known in that world is good for us and future generations?

(Dr. Satyavan Saurabh is a research scholar, poet, independent journalist and columnist. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at [email protected])

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