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Even BJP people silently cursing their central govt for petro price skyrocketing: Geeta Koda

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Chaibasa, June 12: The district Congress committee, on Friday staged a symbolic protest against the spiraling price rise of petrol, diesel and LPG. The protestors carried placards criticizing the central government for its inability to contain the price rise of petroleum products. The district Congress, while maintaining all COVID guidelines held the protest near the IBP fuel pump. Singhbhum parliamentarian Geeta Koda stated that the prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas (LPG) had touched the sky. She stated, “Petrol has tipped the scale at Rs 100 per liter. The price of diesel, in the last 73 years has broken all escalation barriers and is fast catching up with petrol price. Similarly, the price of cooking gas has disturbed kitchen budgets.”

The Singhbhum parliamentarian said that during the UPA government at the Centre when international crude oil prices were at an all time high, the price of fuel had not shot as much as it had at present. She observed, “During the UPA regime, even when there were fuel price hikes by a few paise, the BJP leaders right from the Centre to the block levels used to get down on the streets and breathe fire. The irony is that now, with their government at the Centre fanning the fuel price flame, the BJP leaders are keeping mum. But they too much be feeling the heat of this unchecked fuel price rise and yet they cannot say anything but curse their own BJP government at the Centre under their breath.”

The district Congress members who held a symbolic protest against the price rise of petroleum products included Ranjan Boipai, Neela Nag, Anita Sumbrui, Trishanu Roy, Rakesh Singh, Jitendra Nath Ojha, Raj Kumar Rajak, Pradip Vishwakarma, Diku Savaiya, Mukesh Kumar, Laxman Hansda and others.

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