Saturday, December 2, 2023

Equal challenges and opportunities in the time of crisis: Jamshedpur DC

Stress Management Workshop held at XLRI Learning Center

Jamshedpur, April 2: It is much easier to assist each in scoring a goal in a match than individual scoring. Deputy Commissioner Ravi Shankar Shukla made this observation at the Stress Management Workshop held for the officials at XLRI Learning Center on Saturday. The Deputy Commissioner said that the entire team of the district administration is doing a good job to prevent the spread of Covid-19. They need to think about the far-reaching goal. The arrival of migrant labourers, students and other people has started and the administration needs to keep a watch on them.

He said that the entire team is discharging its duties with patience and efficiency. Hopefully, this stress management workshop will prove to be very helpful in this direction. The Deputy Commissioner said that as of now the entire team of the district administration has been successful in stopping the possible spread of Covid-19, there are both challenges and opportunities for us. The challenge is that we should put a check on the possible spread of Covid-19 in the district and the opportunity is that our actions will deepen public confidence in the administration. We all have to keep thinking constantly how to improve ourselves as an individual and as a group so that our efficiency is maintained. How should we contribute to the team so that we all continue to perform our duties successfully while keeping each other morale high. In the workshop through audio-video mediums the officials were tought about stress management.

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