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Dispute resolution mechanisms like mediation is call of the hour: R R Prasad

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Jamshedpur, Sept 19: The legal experts of the State have called for�settling cases through mediation and conciliation and efforts are being made to create awareness in this regard among people.

Sharing data with the empanelled lawyers during a training programme here, the experts said that there are 3.15 lakh cases pending in Jharkhand out of which 2.50 lakh cases are criminal while the rest 75, 000 cases are civil.

It is important that the lawyers must work to ensure mediation to solve cases. It will help to clear the long backlog.

The Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority (JHALSA) on Saturday inaugurated a two-day training programme for around 70 lawyers empanelled with various district legal services authorities (DLSAs) in the State at New Court premises. The training programme cum workshop is based on violence against women and children.

Addressing the gathering the chief guest, Justice of Jharkhand High Court R R Prasad said that efforts are being made to strengthen the system of alternative dispute resolution for offering mediation and conciliation services. He pointed out that conciliation and mediation is need of the hour and efforts are being made to strengthen it.

Prasad, who is also the chairman of Legal Service Committee of Jharkhand High Court, said that alternative dispute resolution mechanisms like mediation is the call of the hour. He also said that there is an urgent need to spread awareness about the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), 2012. He noted that the Act will succeed in assuring parents of victims the complete �protection� of their minor wards right from the time the complaint is lodged and even during the trial.

He went on to add that the POCSO has more safeguards as it guarantees victims immediate monetary compensation. During the trial, the victim is kept hidden from the accused, though the former will be able to see the accused for purpose of identification. The name of the victim will not be revealed even in the judgement delivered by courts.

Justice of Jharkhand High Court D N Upadhyay said that with the help of the District Legal Services Authority, we have taken up a number of awareness programmes among students and the general public. People are more aware of the safeguards and the stringent penal provision of the Act now than before.

He also emphasized that Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDV) Act 2005 recognises the right of a woman to live in violence free home.

Kiran Sharma, a senior functionary of Lawyers Collective Women’s Rights Initiative�(LCWRI)�appreciated the initiative to organize the training programme for the lawyers.

G K Tiwary, secretary, District Legal Services Authority said that during the two-day deliberations experts will focus on the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 (PWDVA) and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), 2012.

He informed that 70 empanelled lawyers are participating in the training programme 30 of whom are from Jamshedpur, 20 from Chaibasa and 20 from Seraikela .

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