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Devotees throng temples to celebrate Ram Navami, procession today

Jamshedpur : Devotees across the city thronged temples and celebrated Ram Navami- the day which marks the birth of Lord Rama. Devotees were seen offering special prayers to seek the blessings of Lord Rama.

Swami Anantacharya, a priest at the temple, said: “Devotees take holy dip on this day because to visit every religious place is not possible for everyone and it is believed that on this day, all the gods and goddess come here to take holy dip. So today’s dip is considered as the most sacred holy dip in the world.”

“Today is Ram Navami. On this day lord Rama was born. There is a special belief in this place. Devotees celebrate this occasion in their homes also. All the nine days are celebrated with full fervour,” said Nitu Arora, a devotee.
Meanwhile, temples were decorated and the idol of Lord Rama was richly adorned with garlands.

Thousands of devotees thronged the temples and offered prayers People believe that Lord Rama fulfils everyone’s wishes on this special occasion. With the culmination of the Navratri festival, people end their nine days long fast.

“Today is Ram Navami. Lord Rama was born on this day. People celebrate this day. Today crowd of thousands of devotees is seen at the temples. The servicemen of the temple did a lot of work during all the nine days and they did good work,” said Shankar, serviceman in the temple.

Ram Navami falls on the ninth day of the moonlit fortnight in the Chaitra as per Hindu almanac which usually coincides with the spring season and falls in the month of March or April. Most people consider it an auspicious day and some even observe a strict fast on the day. They believe that fasting will secure them a place in heaven. It is also observed as a day of thanks giving.

Meanwhile huge contingents of police forces have been deployed for the main religious procession being organised on Sunday. The akhara committees have been asked to complete immersion by 6 pm. A total of 168 magistrates have been deployed.

Along with Rapid Action Force units, additional forces from the districts were drawn for security arrangements for the procession in which an estimated 25,000 devotees would take part. Chanting religious slogans and �bhajans’, the rally would pass through lanes and by-lanes.

�It would take an hour for the tail-end of the procession to cross some points where the road is narrow,� the police said. All the important routes for the procession would be barricaded with district traffic police enforcing �no-entry� of heavy vehicles from morning.

Plying of private and commercial vehicles also would be prohibited after 2 pm on all major roads of the city.

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