Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Decision on farm laws a result of political compulsion: Banna

Jamshedpur, Nov 19: State health minister Banna Gupta termed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcement of repeal of farm laws as a decision taken out of political compulsion.

“The Modi government at the centre has killed more than 700 farmers during the over the year long agitation but was forced to take this decision in view of the upcoming elections due to huge public anger. The three black laws were brought only to please the industrialist friends of the Prime Minister and it was a conspiracy to lead the farmers towards slavery, which has been thwarted,” said Gupta.

In a press release issued on Friday, Banna Gupta further said that it is surprising that the Prime Minister did not say anything about the MSP, the farmers who were martyred in this movement, the loss caused by the movement and the sufferings suffered by the general public. Nothing has been said on how the income of the farmers of the country should be doubled? Why didn’t he accept being responsible for killing the farmers? Who is responsible for the three black laws that have wasted valuable time and money of the country’s parliament?

The Congress leader claimed that farmers have lost faith on the Prime Minister. That is why even after the announcement of the Prime Minister, the farmers’ organizations said that they will not end the movement until it is constitutionally repealed by bringing it in the Parliament.

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