Sunday, January 29, 2023

DC reviews preparation of Sankalp Se Siddhi Scheme

Chaibasa, Feb. 5: West Singhbhum deputy commissioner Arava Rajkamal took review of the preparation of Sankalp Se Siddhi Scheme 2022 on Monday.

DC said that backward district will be monitored online and West Singhbhum is one of the most backward districts in India. On the basis of the indicator, the marks were distributed to health department 30 percent, education department 30 percent, associated department 20 per cent, infrastructure 10 percent and financial 10 percent.

DC added that the target should be fixed by the department every year and should be reviewed monthly and annually. The marks will be allotted according to the work and achievement of different department. The list will be prepared accordingly in state level and country level.

DC asked the departmental head to prepare the work scheme for 2018 – 19 and 2021-22. DC also directed that comparing the work of the best district of the state, one should make collective effort to achieve the best mark and we should determine that West Singhbhum should be on the top of the list in the state by 2022.

The review of Pardhan Mantri Mudra scheme, Pradhan Mantri Jyoti Scheme, Pradhan Mantri safety scheme and Atal pension scheme was also conducted with leading bank mangers. The meeting was attended by DDC Chandra Mohan Kashyap, DEO Pradeep Kumar Choubey, Civil Surgeon Himanshu Bhusan Barwar, Director DRDA Amit kumar, ITDA director Saaln Bhuniya , district welfare officer Smita Kumari Bank Managers Fusen Murmu, Sushil Kumar, DAO, Soil conservator of forest, EE PHED, Fishery department, BAIF department, EE road Construction department.

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