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DBMS students display impeccable oratory skills at Elocution contest

Jamshedpur, Nov. 29: The English Recitation/Elocution/Declamation Contest of KGII to STD XII was held with great enthusiasm and zeal at D.B.M.S English School.

A child requires an overall personality development and an Elocution competition always helps children to enhance their public speaking skills.

Each contestantís selection of poetry was exceptional and they tried to deliver it to the best of their ability. The oratory skills displayed by the participants were of the highest order. The contestants were very well prepared and their flawless rendition signified perfect diction, intonation and expression.

The panel of judges, who judged the young students , included, Aparajita Chakraborty, a Senior English teacher of Sacred Heart Convent, Jasmit Kaur Rekhi, a Senior English teacher of J.H. Tarapore School and Hina Taunk , a Senior English teacher of Narbheram Hansraj English School.

They encouraged the students and congratulated them on their oratory skills, their confidence and memory power and shared a few tips with the students on how to improve their public speaking skills.

The prize distribution was initiated by the Chairperson, Neelakantan, B.Chandrashekhar, Jt Chairperson, Board of Trustees, Lalitha Chandrasekhar, Jt Chairperson, Board of Trustees, Meena Mohan, Jt Secretary, Padma Shiva, Treasurer and our Principal, Rajani Shekhar.

The proud parents of the contestants graced the occasion.

It was a great experience for everyone to observe the power, talent and creativity present in the students.
In KGII & STD I the winner was KG II while class 1 A was the runner-up. In class 2 and 3 the winner was class 3 B while class 2 E was the runner-up.

In class 4 and 5 the winner was Rishav Mukherjee of class 4 B, first runner-up was Parnika Kumar of class 5 E while the second runner-up was Sudhanshu Ojha of class 5 C.

Muskan Sona of class 4 C received the consolation prize.
In class 6, 7 and 8 the Winner was Virangana Prasad of class 8 E, first runner-up was Adya Verma of class 8 B and second runner-up was Priyanka Rakshit of class 7 C. The Consolation prize was won by Mallishka Rakshit of class 6D, Soumya Anjali Nath of class 6B and Anushka Banerjee of class 7B.

In class 9 and 10 the winner was Nishant Kumar of class 10 E, first runner-up was Sreeja Mukhopadhyay of class 9 B while the second runner-up was Omkar Mishra of class 10 C. In class 11 and 12 the winner was S ravi of class 12 D, the first runner-up was Dibya Shekhar Mishra of class 12 A, second runner-up was Shivika of class 12 B.

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