Tuesday, December 5, 2023

City police on gangster Akhilesh�s trail after Vikram�s arrest

Jamshedpur: With three members of the notorious Akhilesh Singh gang including the mastermind Vikram Sharma in their dragnet, city police are hopeful of arresting the most wanted member of the gang, Akhilesh Singh himself anytime soon.

Two of the gangsters, Sudhir Dubey and Balbir Singh, are already in jail in connection with several crimes committed by the gang in the last few years. Sudhir was arrested from Buxar (Bihar) while Balbir surrendered in the court. Vikram was arrested from his flat in Dehradun three days back.

Police sources said they were trying to extract vital information about Akhilesh Singh gang from Vikram, Sudhir and Balbir. While Sudhir and Balbir have reportedly spilled beans about the activities and modus operandi of various gang members, Vikram is yet to spill more beans about the huge investments in real estate and other businesses made by him in collaboration with Akhilesh. Both Akhilesh and Vikram are said to be close partners in crime ever since the formation of the gang in 2001.

�We are in the process of finding out details about the activities and economic sources of the gang. We hope to dig out more material to tighten noose around the gang members,� said SSP Anoop T Mathew.

Sources said Akhilesh and his goons worked on the plans laid out by Vikram. Akhilesh�s goons had carried out firing on several persons in the city with the intention of extorting several contractors.

As per police records, Dubey is a close aide of Akhilesh who has been involved in a majority of crimes planned and executed by the gangster. Balbir helped as a bridge between extortion victims and Akhilesh Singh.

He used to manage the gang�s extortion racket by dealing directly with contractors, scrap traders and other businessmen, sources said.

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