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Childrens Day celebrated with fun, frolic and fanfare

Jamshedpur : While Children’s Day is celebrated all over the country with much fun, frolic and fanfare, the activities of some schools in the city remind us of another reason to celebrate the occasion – the limitless potential possessed by children to do good.

City schools have begun the trend of teaching their students social responsibility through programmes that give students a first hand look into the lives of the needy and underprivileged, and allow them to help bring about a positive change.

A Fete was organized in K.P.S. Kadma premises on 14th November, Thursday to celebrate Children’s Day. The fete began at 9:00 am and continued till 7:00 in the evening.

Various stalls of food items and fun games were put up by enthusiastic teachers. It was a festive atmosphere with children accompanied by their parents, participating in various activities.

The highlight of the mela was the certificates awarded to the students by the school director, Sharat Chandran , to recognize the multifaceted talents of the students of the school .

The idea was to look beyond the curriculum and celebrate their individuality. Some of the parameters for evaluation were compassionate, friendly, a bundle of energy, Einstien material, Jack of all trades etc. The boisterous spirit and the spontaneity of the students was evident during the DJ nite, the grand finale to the evening.

“There were even occasions when the children saw the requirements at the sites they visited and raised money. There are also plans to deliver a presentation on the importance of basic hygiene on their future visits,” says a teacher.

These are just a few of the efforts being undertaken by the aforementioned schools and many others in the city to render some help to those in need, demonstrating that bringing up children with strong morals and values is as important a part of education as the content of their textbooks.

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru S.D.S.M. School for Excellence celebrated the Children’s Day. The programme was put up in the auditorium.

The function started with a prayer song. A speech stating that children are precious adorable and are divine gift from the Almighty given by teacher P. Usha.

Different games like Bursting the balloons for students Nursery and Lower Kindergarten, ‘Musical Chair’ for Upper Kindergaten to Std.II and ‘Show your Talent’ for Std.III and IV were organized in which children took part enthusiastically. A poem describing ‘What and how a child is” was recited by Teacher Elizabeth. A melodious song was sung by Teacher Archana and Teacher Snehalata Pandey.

An entertaining Skit was put up by Primary and Pre-Primary teachers. ‘Sit and Draw competition’ was also organized for the students from Std. VI to X. The topics for Std. VI-VII – How I would like to enjoy The Children’s Day and for Std.VIII-X – Your opinion about Children’s Day.

The programme was organized under the supervision of Mrs. Suchita Basu. At the end a solo dance was also performed by Teacher Archana. The children enjoyed the programme with great zeal and happiness. The programme ended by school song and National anthem.

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