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Child labour free Jharkhand campaign from Sept. 1

Ranchi, Aug. 20: Chief Secretary Raj Bala Verma directed to lodge a case in CJI court against people employing child labourers.

At the same time she said that the entrepreneurs employing child laborers should be fined Rs. 20,000 and the amount as per the fixed parameter should be transferred in the bank accounts of released child laborers through Child Welfare.

She was directing the district labour officers (DLOs) in the review meeting of Labour, Employment, Training and Skill Development Department.

She directed DLOs to ensure that no child from their respective areas should migrate. She directed to conduct special checking in 5 districts regarding child labour and continue it.

At the same time she directed to find the status of released children. She also said to publish the names and detailed information of entrepreneurs employing child laborers in news papers so that it does not get violated by others. She also directed the department to make an SOP. The department reported that 3654 places were inspected and 233 child labourers were released.

CS said that the condition of girl child migration in Khunti, Gumla and Simdega is pitiable. Hence a list of all the villages should be prepared along with a database of how many girls have migrated from the districts and where they are employed now.

It was told by the department that database of 10,000 labourers migrating from Simdega has been prepared and the same work is in process in two districts. Mrs. Verma directed that the workers migrate from the state will be connected with this database on department level. She also said to conduct seminar on district level in this regard and invite public representatives at Panchayat level and self help groups to promote this.

Reviewing the economic condition of bidi-labourers, she said that all the cases regarding underpayment of bidi workers should be transferred to ALC and fast action and payment from the company should be ensured.

She directed to install sign boards in all bidi worker related clusters along with distribution of pamphlets among them by the department. It was reported that 3967 bidi worker related claims have been filed so far.

It was also told by the department that 81 inspections have taken place in stone crushers and other installations and 63 claims have been filed against the employers. The CS directed that the mentioned claims should be sorted out in September and bank accounts of bidi- workers should be opened and they should be paid through DBT.

The CS said that for the registration of unorganized and building construction workers, district wise work plan should be prepared and on spot registration ensured. It was reported by the department that 87 thousands workers have been registered in the state and bank accounts of 81 thousands have been opened.

The CS directed to speed up registration and aadhar seeding. She said that determination of skill sectors and equipping the ITIís should be done as per requirement.

It should be noted that 54 new ITIís are to be opened in the state for which buildings have been built. Process to start 32 ITIís in the state has been initiated, admission has been started and will be completed on 25th September.
Principal Secretary SKG Rahate and other officers were present in the meeting.

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