Monday, December 5, 2022

Chaibasa chamber expels executive members for allegedly forming Kolhan chamber

Chaibasa, September 14: Chaibasa chamber of commerce and industries called an emergency meeting of executive body and expelled Vikash Chandra Mishra , Shyam Bihari Agrawal, Bajranglal Chirania, Rakesh Budhiya, Rajkumar Madhura, Niranjan Goel, Imtiyaj Khan, Pawan Kumar Chandak Alok Katyal, Prabhat Kumar Dodrajka and Narayan Pandiya allegedly forming a new chamber in the name of Kolhan Chamber.

The chamber of commerce framed a charge that these people when got defeated in the chamber of commerce election held on 27th September, 2015 for the session 2015-17. They formed a separate chamber and they were holding the post in chamber of commerce and Industries as well.

So the chamber of commerce and Industries took a decision applying the chamber act 14 (E) and stroke out them from the list of primary membership and expelled them from the Chaibasa chamber of commerce and Industries. The meeting was chaired by the chamber of commerce president Lalit Sharma who brought the proposal in the meeting for their expulsion .

The President said, ‘these people had earlier won and remained as member of chamber of commerce but the moment they got defeated they formed a separate chamber in the name of chamber of Kolhan’, adding, ‘their action proved that they did not believe in the constitution of Chamber of commerce and Industries and when they constituted a separate organization, it was their moral duty to resign from the chamber of commerce but they did not do so then the chamber of commerce and industries was compelled to take the action against them’.

The meeting was attended by chamber founder Anup Sultania, Anada Vardhan, Madhusudan Agrawal, Vikash Goel, Vinod Kumar Dahiam including all the members of executive body of chamber and commerce and Industries .

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