Tuesday, November 28, 2023

CCTV cameras at smart police stations in district soon

Jamshedpur, April 30: All police stations of East Singhbhum district will be equipped with CCTV cameras in the first phase after a proposal was sent by police headquarters to install CCTV cameras in all the smart police stations of Jharkhand.

In the second phase other police stations will be outfitted with the CCTVs. The plans for installing the cameras have been made keeping in mind the security reasons. Currently, the Bistupur police station is equipped with CCTV but after the new building of the police station was constructed the cameras were not shifted and are still operational in the old building.

East Singhbhum senior superintendent of police (SSP) Anoop T Mathew will decide as to which Police Stations will have CCTV in the first phase of the work. The work for installation of CCTV has been done in several districts of the State but the work is still waiting to start in East Singhbhum district and only plans have been made.

A proposal has been sent by police headquarters for installation of CCTV cameras across the state but the work will start only after the order of the district police. Office of former SSP had sent proposal to police headquarters for installing of CCTV in corridors and lock-ups of the police stations, but no response from the headquarters saw the matter hanging in balance.

�Soon smart police stations of Jamshedpur will be equipped with CCTV cameras and work will start as the order from police headquarters comes in. Currently Bistupur Police Station is set with CCTV cameras. Police headquarters took the matter seriously after a couple died after consuming poison at police station lock-up in Argora,� said SSP Anoop T Mathew.

�CCTV camera will be installed near police station lock-up, which would track the persons coming to meet the accused locked up in the lock-up and would also help police keep an eye on the activity of the accused,� said a senior police officer at Bistupur police station.

He informed that keeping in mind the security reasons a CCTV will also be set up in the main gate of the police station.

Significantly, a couple died after consuming poison inside the lock-up of Argora police station. The whole incident has been recorded in the CCTV camera which has been put up near the lock-up.

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