Monday, December 11, 2023

Cases of dog-bite on rise, over 20 cases reported in a fortnight

Jamshedpur, June 2: Instances of dog-bites in city have witnessed a steep rise and the number of victims being treated at hospitals here has also risen sharply. According to reports, young children and teenagers are the most likely groups to be treated at hospital after a dog bite.

Sources informed that in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital (MGM) alone about 10 cases of dog-bite were treated in a week. Cases of dog menace are being reported from several places like Mango, Jugsalai, Sundernagar, Baghbera and Sakchi. In the last six months, the number of people bitten by dogs has gone dramatically up.

�A large number of cases are being reported daily in the city. The rising number of cases of dog bites needs immediate attention since the population of stray dogs has increased in the city,� said an official of MGM. He added that apart from viral or bacterial fever cases, the largest number of cases reported this year is that of dog-bite.

Sources at hospitals and nursing homes said that patients with unhealed wounds, swelling and fever due to dog-bite are visiting in large numbers for medication.

�Cases are increasing every passing day and many incidents go unreported. It is high time for the administration to take preventive measures,� noted another social worker.

Such is the menace of the animals that an old lady residing in Zakirnagar was bitten severely on December 8. In another case of reported on Wednesday a girl child, resident of Jadugoda was badly bitten by a stray dog.
Rajesh Nath, a victim of dog bite, said that the administration is not serious to curb the terror of dogs. The officials also fear from animals right activists.

�I think that the animal rights activists are also equally responsible. If they are so concerned about the welfare of the animals then why they don�t act against the meat dealers spread across the city,� he noted.

The victim also said that there are scores of patients who are unaware of the fact that they need further treatment for their wounds in addition to taking the anti-rabies vaccine. Patients also point out that the anti-rabies vaccine should be made available in general hospitals at cheaper price.

He further added that other cases like leptospirosis or dengue fever take precedence over the dog bite cases. Checking the spread of communicable diseases has been given top priority.

Though the focus is fair enough to tackle the communicable diseases, the large number of cases of dog bites needs some attention too.

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