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Steel Strip Wheels: Meet unsuccessful as no one turns up from management

Jamshedpur, June 2: To solve the ever mounting controversy over the Steel Strip Wheels Company, a meeting was called by the labor department on Thursday. The tripartite talks failed once again, as no one from the management side turned up for the meeting.

BJP leader Dinesh Kumar and Appu Tiwary have launched ‘Majdoor Satyagrah’ campaign against the anti-labor policy and contempt of labor law of the company. They had filed a written complaint district labor commissioner and acting on the same labor superintendent-2 had called a meeting to settle dispute. The BJP leaders came for the meeting on time but the company officials were not in attendance which made the meeting unsuccessful.

During a meeting on May 27, the company management had sent security officers to attend the meet and the move led to massive protest by the BJP leaders. Till date the company management has not replied to the letter sent by the labor department.

The matter was raised again on Thursday and the Labor commissioner soon called up the HR department of the company. Mahaveer Singh, the HR official informed that he is out of station and will reply in written as soon as he arrives back in city.

DLC has again called a meeting on June 8 so that a solution comes out which would be beneficial for the suffering workers.

At the event, Dinesh Kumar said wrong strategy of the company management and administration has gripped the workers with fear and hunger, which is showing on them. Although several memoranda have been submitted on the issue, the senior officials have not bothered to respond or attend the meet, which shows they are guilty.

The workers have been shown the door by false accusations leveled on them are facing difficult time to earn bread for their living.

Kumar said that exploitation of workers will not be tolerated and if management doesn�t wake up we will be forced to take tough action against the company officials. Kumar further said that on Friday we will meet SDO Suraj Kumar so that strict action can be taken against the irregularities in the company.

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