Monday, December 11, 2023

Cannot stay away from politics: Surya Singh Besra

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, June 8: AJSU Party founder and former MLA, Surya Singh Besra had announced his abdication from politics and taking to spiritual ways. He had assumed the name, Suryavtar Devdoot. That was on May 30. But on Tuesday he said that he could not keep away from politics and that he would engage himself in politics while practicing spirituality. Besra said that he would make a formal announcement to the effect on June 9, the day earmarked as Bhagwan Birsa Munda’s martyrdom day.

Surya Singh Besra alias Suryavtar Devdoot said that the 22 days he was in confinement as he recovered from COVID infection had made him look deep inside himself. He said that the period was very delicate and a video made during the period had gone viral. “It was then that I had announced renouncing politics and pursuing spirituality. I had, during this period, I used to release spiritual discourses every day on social media for almost a month.”

His supporters meanwhile expressed their opinion that Surya Singh Besra was a multi faceted personality and his contribution to the development of Jharkhand was huge. They felt that he should pursue spiritualism while actively participating in politics. his supporters argue that when saffron clad Ajay Singh Bisht alias Yogi Adityanath could actively participate in politics as head of the state government and at the same time pursue his spiritual ways, so could Surya Singh Besra alias Suryavtar Devdoot. Besra stated, “In light of these suggestions, I have decided to reenter the political field while continuing with my spiritual aspirations.”

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