Saturday, April 10, 2021

Brahmachari Hanuman showed the way for family unity, happiness: Vijay Mehta

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MYM Steel City organizes programme on ideal family concepts of Shri Hanuman

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Feb 27: Marwari Yuva Manch (MYM) Steel city unit organized a programme on Brahmachari (celibate) Hanuman Who however laid down certain norms to ensure unity, peace, happiness and prosperity in a family.

The programme, organized at the Michael John Auditorium in Bistupur on Saturday evening was jointly inaugurated by popular narrator Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta, chief guest and legislator Saryu Roy, special guest Arun Bankrewal, Ashok Bhalotia, Krishna Agrawal and MYM Steel City president Vishnu Goyal.

In the course of his two hour long narration, Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta explained that although Shri Hanuman was a celibate, his guidelines for a united and contented household continued to be applicable through time. Pandit Mehta stated that Hanuman was considered a scientist too. “We should take inspiration from Shri Hanuman. Nowhere else in the world is as unique a family bonding example as in India. God has to be at the centre of a family and every member has to remain in its realms. This is the mantra for a united family that will never break. The best way to bond with Shri Hanuman is through constant reading of Hanuman Chalisa,” Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta stated in his elaboration.

In his two hour narration Pandit Mehta elaborated on Shri Hanuman’s life and citing examples explained the importance of spirituality and meditation to ensure perennial bonding of families and relations.

All guests were welcomed with saplings and scarves and presented scrolls of honour. People from other cities also attended the programme. In view of COVID-19 strictures, entry was through passes to maintain social distancing.

The success of the programme at short notice was attributed to the united organizational work of the MYM Steel City branch members, stated secretary Prashant Agrawal.  Joint conveners Mohit Shah and Asish Khanna said that post Corona period people had developed a religious bent of mind leading to particular importance of family ties. “This is another reason for organizing this talk,” they said.

The MYM Steel City team of organizers for Saturday’s event included branch president Vishnu Goyal, secretary Prashant Agrawal, conveners Mohit Shah and Asish Khanna, media in-charge Sumit Debuka and other members of the organization.

Even God in human avatar takes preventive measures

During his elucidation of Sri Hanuman’s life, Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta urged people to adopt preventive measures against coronavirus. He said, “Don’t run after fashion. You have to exercise caution for this virus is showing traces of reemergence. Aligning oneself with God gives provides immunity.” Citing an example, he said, “Even when God takes the form of a human avatar, He exercises caution. Lord Shri Krishna defeated demon king Jarasandh on 17 occasions. But on the 18th occasion, seeing Jarasandh’s army, Shri Krishna fled. That is why the Lord is also known as Ranchhor Das (battlefield deserter). The Lord took protection to prevent disaster.”

My bonding with Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta is very old: Saryu Roy

Chief guest on the occasion, Jamshedpur East legislator said, “My bonding with Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta is very old. He is an authority on religious scriptures and projects the relevance of ancient spiritual concepts in modern times. Moreover, his respect for time is exemplified in his punctuality.” Roy also lauded the efforts of the MYM Steel City for hosting the event which he described as timely.

Special guests Arun Bankrewal, Ashok Bhalotia and Krishna Agrawal were full of appreciation for MYM Steel City branch members for their dedicated work for the uplift of the lower segment of society.

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