Wednesday, December 6, 2023

BJP activist Prakash Yadav’s killers get patronage of a big leader: Raghubar Das

Jamshedpur: Former Chief Minister Raghubar Das has described the killing of BJP leader and advocate Prakash Yadav on Tuesday night in Birsanagar as a result of negligence of the police and the complicity of the political with land mafia. On Wednesday, Das went to Birsnagar and met the family of Prakash and took stock of the incident and said that the killers of Prakash Yadav will not be spared at any cost. He has warned the police administration that if the culprits of the brutal murder of Advocate Yadav are not arrested within 48 hours, then the BJP will not sit silent and the administration will be responsible for whatever happens.

He said that the police should arrest the culprits as soon as they get the patronage of any big leader. Das said that prior to this murder, Prakash Yadav had complained to the police about the persons involved in the murder and had threatened his life with them. They have received information that the murderers have mischief of mischievous elements and a prominent leader.

 On the basis of these elements, the murderers have been doing the business of buying and selling by encroaching the land, which was complained by Advocate Yadav at Birsnagar police station. The manner in which the advocate was called from his home and murdered by the persons involved in the incident, shows the mentality of the culprit and his upbringing.

He has warned the district administration that the culprits involved in the Prakash Yadav massacre are involved in the occupation and purchase and sale of government land in Morada, Bagunhatu, Laxminagar etc. besides Birsanagar due to its political reach and bullying. . It should be conducted impartially and there should be immediate action against the culprits so that no more Prakash Yadav will be lost in future.

On this occasion, Das was accompanied by BJP Municipal District President Gunjan Yadav, State BJP Ministers Rita Verma, Abhay Singh, Nandji Prasad, Rambabu Tiwari, Dinesh Kumar, Sanjeev Singh, Bhupendra Singh, Pawan Aggarwal, Kulwant Singh Banti, Santosh Thakur, Shriram Prasad. , Tajendra Singh, Dharmendra Prasad, Ramnagina Yadav, Babua Singh, Jatashankar Pandey etc. were present.

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