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Bike-borne criminals snatch gold chain from elderly woman at Agrico area

Jamshedpur, July 6: Two bike-borne criminals snatched a gold-chain from an elderly woman at Bara�area in Agrico under Sidhgora police station area on early Wednesday morning.

The victim, Nirmala Devi was plucking flowers at the compound of the Bara flat area, where Tata Steel employees stay with their families.

“I am really shocked the way the incident took place. The two bike-borne youths came and as I was busy in plucking flower, one of them suddenly put his hand on my neck and snatched away.�

At first I could not understand what happened, but when next moment I realized that they had taken away my chain,” said the elderly woman while talking to the newsmen.

The gold chain that the criminals snatched away weighed 20 grams and worth over Rs 60,000. The victim’s son N Mohapatra, who is a Tata Steel employee, had tried to search for the chain-snatchers with the help of his neighbors, but he could not see anyone as such.�

Mohapatra along with some of his neighbors went over to Sidhgora police station and lodged an FIR in this connection, leading the officer in-charge of Sidhgora thana to visit the spot.

Officer in-charge of Sidhgora thana, R D Singh confirmed about the chain-snatching incident. “We are investigating the incident.�

We are also scanning the CCTV camera installed on some spots leading to the Bara Flat area for detecting the two bike-borne criminals who had been moving around 5.20 a.m.�

We expect the criminals will be nabbed soon,” said Singh.

Notably, the Bara Flat area where the chain-snatching incident took place is just�1 km�away from the city residence of Chief Minister Raghubar Das, where special police parties remain vigilant round the clock.

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