Thursday, September 21, 2023

Back to old ways: Filter pump motor burns out, Bagbera Colony water supply disrupted

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Jamshedpur, Sept 18: Bagbera Housing Colony reisdents are back in the throes of another round of water crisis as the motor pump at the filter plant in Bistupur burnt out. The water supply to Bagbera Housing Colony emanates from this Bistupur filter plant which is under the Jal Apurti Scheme.

Bagbera panchayat Samiti member, Sunil Gupta informed that the pump has been sent for repair to an Adityapur workshop in lieu of Golmuri and the mechanics stated that it would take a week for the repair job to be completed before being reinstalled at the Bistupur filter plant. “It was decided to change the pump mechanic because of the repeated burn out. So the pump was sent for repair to Adityapur instead of Golmuri. Panchayat representatives will monitor the repair job closely,” said Sunil Gupta.

Simultaneously, the construction work of the new filter pump house in Bistupur for water supply to Bagbera Housing Colony was inspected and the contract firm’s official was urged to ensure the use of quality construction material and to get the work completed within the stipulated timeframe.

The inspection team comprised Sunil Gupta, Anil Singh, Pawan Ojha, Raghunath, Mahendra, Santosh Thakur, KD Munda and Rakesh Singh.

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