Monday, December 11, 2023

AVM provides needy student financial help

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Jamshedpur, July 29: The Jharkhand Pradesh unit of Antrashtriya Vaishya Manch (AVM) today provided financial assistance of Rs 40, 000 to Rajni Kumari of Rahargora to enable her to pursue higher studies. A cheque for the amount was presented to her at the DC�s office by Deputy Commissioner Ravishankar Shukla.

Rajni is a medical student and she is desirous of taking a higher course in physiotherapy at Vinoba Bhave University in Hazaribag. But paucity of funds was acting as a stumbling block to her aspiration.  The AVM members realized this problem and unhesitatingly came forward to help Rajni Kumar realize her educational dream. Rajni is the daughter of Bhagwan Sharma.

The Deputy Commissioner while lauding the move of AVM stated that such acts of benevolence towards the genuinely needy should be carried on. He told Rajni that if she encountered further difficulties while studying at Hazaribag, help would be forthcoming to her.

Among the AVM delegates present on the occasion were Mohanlal Agrawal, Ram Daras Chaurasia, Pyarelal Shah, Ajay Gupta, Akash Shah, Sunita Jaiswal, Brijesh Sonekar, Raja Prasad and Raja Kumar Gupta.

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