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Another Tata Zoo tiger succumbs to Babesiosis

3.5 years-old Ahana had gone off feed since last one week

Jamshedpur, March 26: The female tigress Ahana, aged three and half years, died in the Zoological Park on the night of March 25, 2018 around 11:00pm. The sub-adult female tigress Ahana was born to Shanti and Raghav on August 28, 2014 at the Tata Steel Zoological Park.

Ahana had gone off feed since the last one week. She was put under symptomatic treatment for Babesiosis, but her condition had started deteriorating in the last 2-3 days and she succumbed to the disease.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, Babesiosis is a disease of cattle and other livestock, transmitted by the bite of ticks. It affects the red blood cells and causes the passing of red or blackish urine. The disease is caused by protozoans of the genus Babesia, phylum Sporozoa.

The Postmortem was carried out by a team of veterinarians Dr. Debashish Dev TVO Adityapur, Dr. M. Palit, Dy. Director cum Vet. Officer and V.K. Singh, Consultant Vet., Tata Zoo in presence of Forest Department officials Mr. Saba Alam Ansari, DFO and Mr. Sushil Oraon, ACF, Jamshedpur Forest Division.

Bipul Chakrabarty, Director and S. K. Mahato, Curator, Tata Steel Zoological Park were present.

It may be noted that a female tiger cub died in the Tata Steel Zoological Park at around 12.30 PM on March 18, 2018. The cub was born on August 23, 2017 and was about seven months old. It was put under symptomatic treatment for Babesiosis.
There are 5 tigers at the Tata Zoo, two of which have not caught the disease, and three who are well on the road to recovery.

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