Sunday, December 3, 2023

Angry Nagar Parshad blocks water pipeline laying work in Adityapur

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Dec 11: Pipeline laying work under the Greater Urban Water Supply Project is being executed by the Adityapur Municipal Corporation (AMC) in its command areas. But the contract firm, Jindal Agencies has left huge holes uncovered for months after laying  pipes thus causing commuting problems and threats to life and limbs. Accidents due to the open holes have become a routine feature and residents under AMC have precious little to do except fume and fret.

Ward 18 Parshad Ranjan Singh lost his cool and stopped the pipe laying work in progress and took away the keys of the pickup truck engaged in shifting the pipes. He said that the work would not be allowed to continue until senior officials of Jiondal Agencies held discussions on filling up the killer holes and making life safe for all concerned.

An Angry Ranjan Singh said, “The agency has been digging large holes for laying the water puipes. But even after the work gets done, the holes are not filled. This has been the status of the project for months on end. Accidents have been occurring daily, some of them being serious. People have approached the agency officials and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor with their complaints and have urged them to fill up the holes in which the pipes have been laid but all their pleas and urgings have fallen on deaf ears. Enogh is enough. I have been made the scapegoat as the Parishad member for the sins of the agency. I have snatched the keys of the pickup van and will only return them once they start filling the holes.”

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