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Alarming rise in drug abuse among youth

Jamshedpur, April 24 : With the rising alcohol and drug addiction among adolescents in the steel city being a major cause of concern, medical experts and counsellors have stressed the need for coming out of the denial mode and imbibing strong family values so that children to not fall prey to peer pressure.

Officials attribute the boom in the drug culture to the pumping in of money from the Gulf countries as well as to the boom in the realty sector.

A 19-year-old youth was stabbed to death at Govindpur on Sunday afternoon and last night a group clash took place at Azadnagar in Mango in which in two youths to sustain stabbing injuries are two glaring examples as to how addicts are having a free run.

The 19-year-old youth Vicky Sharma was drug addict and this has come out in the initial probe that the Govindpur police have found. OC, Govindpurpolice station, Rajesh Ranjan said that there were more than one assailants involved in the snatching of cellphone from Vicky and when the victim had registered the snatching, one of them had stabbed him, causing fatal injury in the abdomen.

The OC noted that they have found out that there are several individuals and even splinter gangs of youngsters who use to snatch valuables, including gold-chain and cellphone in the slums in Govindpur and adjoining Parsudih. He said those committed the murder during snatching were among those who were drug addicts.

In another incident, a 22-year-old youth, Mohammed Salman wanted cough syrup which is also used for getting intoxicated by drug addicts from a medical store at Azadnagar in Mango last evening. When the drug-store owner, MdNaushad denied Salman the drug, the latter went away to return to the medical shop with two of his friends. The trio ransacked the medical store, searched out the drug he was searching for and after finding the drug, they all thrashed the store owner for telling lie.

In response, Naushad collected a group of youths and attacked the houses of Salman and his two friends in Azadnagar at around 11 in the night, resulting in half-a-dozen youths to sustain injuries. While, four of them were admitted at MGM Medical College Hospital, two others, identified as MdHufaiza and Sahid Akhtar have been admitted at the Tata Main Hospital. The two had sustained stabbing injuries.

A police officer spoke of a multi-pronged strategy, targeting both the demand and supply sides of the drug traffic. This would involve cultivating sources among the student community and tracing the drug trafficking networks, located mostly in the State.

“There has been a drastic change in the pattern of consumption from natural psychotropic substances to chemical compounds as is evident from recent cases,” he noted.

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