Monday, March 8, 2021

Administration takes strict measures to control crime

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Jamshedpur, Dec. 18: East Singhbhum district administration has ordered 38 criminals of Jamshedpur to physically appear before the superintendent of police (City), Chandan Jha’s office daily from January 8, 2016 to April 7, 2016 under section 3 (3) (b) (i) of Jharkhand crime control act, 2002.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, Dr. Amitabh Kaushal, deputy commissioner, said, 38 criminals will also have to fill Rs 10, 000 bonds (with two surities) under section 7 (1) (b) of the act. Anoop T Mathew, senior SP, said the criminals who don’t follow the above two rule lay down by the administration then police will take action and can send the criminals to jail.

SSP further said that of the 38 criminals, 20 have filed due inquiry while remaining 18 have not done it till date.
SSP said that apart from 38 criminals, action continues against 41 other criminals.

38 criminals against whom district administration has taken action include: Md. Husan (Bilshil Pantu) resident under Mango Police Station, Vijay Tirki of Azadnagar, Md. Iqbal of Bistupur, Sadhan Das of Telco, Sada Das alias Sada Chand Das of Telco, Raju Paswan alias Raju of Sonari, Sukhram Karmkar alias Thumka of Telco, Akash Gope alias Daku of Sonari, Subodh Ghosh of Sonari, Md. Raja alias Chepa Raja of Kadma, Kutubuddin alias Bandar Katuwa of Kadma, Nushad alias Chand of Kadma, Md. Ali Raja of Akhato Raja of Kadma, Md. Roni alias Sadab of Jugsalai, Bhola Sonkar of Jugsalai, Md. Irshad Darbhangia of Jugsalai, Kalika Rao of Sitaramdera, Rajesh Upadhaya alias Tata of Sitaramdera, Chhuni alias Prince Singh of Sitaramdera, Munna Ghosh and Kallu Ghosh of Bistupur, Sanjay Nagar alias Bojha of Sitaramdera, Tuntun Yadav of Mango, Shekh Wasim alias Bachha of Mango, Shekh Jasim alias Shekh Jasim Bachha of Mango, Brahmanand alias Bappi Samad of Sidhgora, Amar Nath Singh of Mango, Binay Kumar Gupta of Sidhgora, Ravi Nishad of Sidhgora, Vinay Tiwary of Sidhgora, Ajay Purti of Sidhgora, Navin Gour of Mango, Md. Firoj alias Giri of Jugsalai, Samir Sardar of Sonari, Bhola Sandi of Sidhgora, Pawan Lohra of Sidhgora, Govind Paswan alias Chhotu Paswan of Sidhgora and Pappu Jha of Sidhgora.

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