Sunday, April 2, 2023

Adivasi-Moolbasi to protest recruitment of teachers


Jamshedpur: Members from several Adivasi-Moolbasi outfits have said that they would strongly protest recruitment of teachers in the district.

A meeting of the outfits under the banner of Birsa Seva Das was convened at Nirmal Guest House today.

The representatives have complained that proofs of residential certificates were being asked from aspirants from Adivasi-Moolbasi communities for teachers’ recruitment while the same were not being asked from the outsiders.

The Birsa Seva Dal has also raised the demand of reservation for the locals and the disabled for the posts of teachers. It threatened of filing a petition in the court of law against the irregularities.

Somnatha Pandeya, Samuel Debgam, Demka Soy, Sikandar Pandeya, Tumbi Debgam, Dilip Soren and others attended the meeting.

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