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Action demanded against rabble-rousers in Surya Mandir complex


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Jamshedpur, March 6: Delegations of the Mahanagar BJP and Surya Mandir Committee handed letters of complaint against perpetrators of chaos and commotion in the Surya Mandir complex at Sidgora on Friday and insulting and threatening devotees present, priests and employees of the temple to the Deputy Commissioner and SSP on Saturday.

The letter handed to the two senior district officials mentioned that the Surya Mandir committee had been founded in 2001 and was functioning without any glitch while organizing various religious events and discharging varied social responsibilities. The letter mentioned that the smooth functioning of the committee was being attempted to be hampered since the past one year by some antisocial elements patronized by a political party. It was stated that the election of the committee was held during general body meetings and the tenure of a committee thus elected was of three years.

The letter stated that Surya Mandir was a registered body but since the past one year antisocial elements driven by political ambitions were trying to disrupt the aesthetic and amiable atmosphere of the temple complex. Everybody has the right to worship at the temple and the Mandir committee organizes and conducts all religious activities in the Surya Committee. But for any other event, permission has to be obtained from the temple committee.

Surya Mandir committee president Sanjiv Singh stated that after establishing the attractive Ram Mandir in the Surya Mandir complex a political leader and his cronies were unable to digest people’s adulation. He said, “Such leaders who instead of doing something constructive indulge in casting aspersions and accusations will be given a befitting reply by Lord Shri ram and the devotees. The supporters of Jamshedpur East legislator have never expressed remorse on repeatedly trying to disrupt the functioning of the committee which tantamount to belittling Surya Dev and Shri Ram. It seems that the instigator, the East Jamshedpur legislator is doing all this through his supporters to attain personal targets.”

The complaint letter has a mention of posting of security personnel at the Surya Mandir.

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