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Political turf war between Raghubar, Saryu groups hits ugliest level in Jamshedpur

Both groups lodge counter complaints in Sidgora police station

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Jamshedpur, March 6: Erstwhile state cabinet colleagues during Raghubar Das’ tenure as Chief Minister, the personal bickering between the two leaders have been taking on the ugly shape of group rivalry that is not leaving the image of either any better. The electorate comprising citizens may either remain resigned as mute spectators or support whoever they feel is right but the ultimate result will reflect on the ballot scenario come poll day earlier or later. Former Chief Minister Raghubar Das and one of his cabinet ministers, Saryu Roy who is currently Jamshedpur East’s sitting MLA and who crushed the record setting dreams of the present BJP national vice president by defeating him from the same constituency, is out to crush the remaining aspirations of the man considered his voodoo doll. While both leaders remain perceptibly mute, they let their supporters do all the doing that smirk of ungainliness.

The battle of the hustings during the Assembly polls of 2019 from the same constituency was a topic of national discussion. Rivalry on the political turf is an essential ingredient of this ‘sport’ but taking the game on to the ugliest level by the respective supporters does not bode well for either the candidates or the supporters or the people who prefer peaceful ways of attaining whatever is due to them constitutionally and definitely not in the manner that Raghubar-Saryu supporters are going at it. Even games of one-upmanship are acceptable but not in the manner they are being played to show a rival leader in wrong light. These rival supporters perhaps fail to understand that they are indulging in wily games where both leaders will be considered in poor light come D Day spelt ELECTIONS.

Saryu Roy’s supporters have been trying to pull down every pillar on which the platform of Raghubar Das’ political presence and power symbols are showcased. Examples are not far to seek. Stone pelting, fisticuffs, lodging of FIRs against each other at Raghubar Nagar and Son Mandap by supporters of the bitter rivals are bile-inducing incidents that continue to gain ungainly shades. The latest in the chain of events was the faceoff between the rivals at the Sidgora Surya Mandir on Friday. Saryu Roy supporters led by Chandragupt Singh, on the pretext of holding a meeting to chalk out programmes for the Shiv Ratri festival, locked up the Surya Mandir committee room – the committee that supports Raghubar Das. The children’s park in the temple complex was also locked in the process. Saryu supporters created a ruckus at the park gate on the issue of charging fee for entry to the children’s park and complained to the district administration that the park had been opened during the COVID period without permission.

Saryu Roy supporters who constitute the rival Surya Mandir committee Santosh YHadav, Sanjiv Acharya and Hareram Singh filed a written complaint in the Sidgora police station against the Raghubar led Mandir committee president Sanjiv Singh and park employee Lakshman. On the other hand, on being informed of the vents, Sanjiv Singh reached Surya Mandir with his supporters and had the locks of the committee room and children’s park opened. In the evening he accompanied by BJP leaders went to Sidgora PS and demanded action against Saryu Roy’s supporters.

In his written complaint Surya Mandir Committee president Sanjiv Singh stated that some antisocial elements had created ruckus in the temple complex by harassing and threatening devotees and employees there on Friday. In the written complaint Sanjiv Singh mentioned the names of Hareram Singh, Sanjiv Acharya, Asim Pathak and about 20 others for their attempt to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere at the Surya Temple complex and demanded the OC to take appropriate action against those elements. They were accused of regularly attempting to foment trouble and disrupt usual temple activities. Sanjiv Singh warned in his written complaint that if the activities of the accused were not checked chances of big trouble and destruction of temple property could not be ruled out.

This was the first instance when the supporters of Raghubar Das had filed a written complaint against those of Saryu Roy in the police station. Prior to this, the supporters of both leaders had held separate meetings at thew Surya Mandir and organized various programmes but had never earlier lodged any FIR against each other in the police station.

It may be mentioned that after Saryu Roy was elected legislator from the Jamshedpur East Assembly constituency, Chandragupt Singh had removed the Raghubar Das led committee and made a new committee with himself as patron and president of the new outfit. Chandragupt Singh contended, “The Mandir has been constructed with public donation. Raghubar Das was made patron because he was then a legislator. His committee was using the AC Hall in the Son Mandap commercially. As such, we rid the Surya Mandir of the Raghubar Das camp. Now the Son Mandap is being managed by JNAC.”

Asked for his reaction to the episode of Friday, legislator Sary Roy said that he had been informed by his supporters of the wrongdoings at the children’s park in the Surya Mandir complex. He said, “At present, I am attending the Assembly session at Ranchi. I will take stock of the entire situation and then decide what is lawful and legal and place the matter before the administration. The Mandir Committee is headed by Chandragupt Singh.”

Saryu Roy’s supporter Sanjiv Acharya said that a meeting of the committee was in progress to draw up a programme for the Maha Shiv Ratri festival when people complained that the park in the temple was being shifted and a fee of Rs 5 was being charged as entry fee. Acharya said that based on the complaint, the committee room and the park gates were locked.

On the other hand, the committee president Sanjiv Singh of the Raghubar Das faction stated, “Creating chaos in the temple is equivalent to murder. The park is not at all being shifted but some swings are being repaired. This had been objected to (by Saryu Roy’s group). We have submitted a written complaint to the effect.”

BJM forms nine-member team to study Surya Mandir case

A meeting was organized by the Mahanagar Bharatiya Janata Morcha at its Sakchi office where a nine-member committee was formed to study the events of Surya Mandir incident and form a report. The nine member committee will be headed by BJM district general secretary Manoj Singh Ujjain and will include Kulwinder Singh Pannu, Bandana Namta, Rajesh Kumar Jha, Vikas Gupta, Dharmendra Prasad, Putul Singh, Bhaskar Mukhi and Bhagwat Mukherjee.

BJM district president Subodh Srivastav said that the investigation committee had been directed to report the findings within 24 hours after making detailed study of the vents that had taken place in the Surya Mandir. The findings will be reported to the district administration, BJM state officials and Jamshedpur East Assembly MLA Saryu Roy so that the facts could be brought to light.

BJM leaders at the meeting stated that the Surya Mandir was the symbol of faith of the people of Jamshedpur. They said that the present temple committee had informed that the former Chief Minister of the state and his supporters had been misutilising government funds and that they were collecting charges illegally fort the use of tourist spots, children’s park and guest house. They also accused the Raghubar Das group members of leveling false allegations against the current temple committee and trying to malign the members of the committee.

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