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Sacred Heart Convent School plans hostel for project school girls

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Jamshedpur, April 20: Sacred Heart Convent School will soon have a hostel for the girl students of its project school.

The hostel would be totally different from other hostels in the city and its construction work will start soon.

Girl students of Convent project school will stay and study at the hostel.

They will not be required to pay any extra fee for the facility. The girl students can stay and study there from the year 2018.

Significantly, a project school is being operated in the school premises in the afternoon where around 155 girl students study.

These students come from financially weak backgrounds and from far away places. Principal of Sacred Heart Convent School Sister Mridula A.C. said that already a bus service has been started for these girl students which is helping them to travel to the school easily as most of them live far away from the school.

Principal was of the opinion that lack of education culture in the society is forcing these students to leave studies.

“The girl students, who are studying in Class 7 in the year 2016, will be in Class 9 after two years and in the year 2018 when these students are in Class 9, they will be placed in the hostel.

This is mainly because mostly there are cases that students go home after school and in the society they live they don’t give importance to education and they deviate,” said Sister Mridula, adding, “When these girls grow up they are pushed into menial labor and they cannot complete their studies.”

The principal added that the idea behind the setting up of hostel is to provide these girls an atmosphere where they can focus on their education and help grow up as a responsible citizen which in turn will benefit their families.

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