Thursday, December 7, 2023

128 Solar Street Lights Illuminate 10 Villages in Gola and Dulmi

Ramgarh, Sept 20: As part of the overarching rural development program initiated by KGVK organization and HDFC Bank (HRDP Project) for sustainable development, solar energy has been harnessed to bring light to the streets and squares of 10 villages within its operational area. This effort aims to promote renewable energy and has far-reaching positive impacts on the lives of residents in the underserved communities of Gola and Dulmi blocks.

Somen Mahato, the Project Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative while emphasizing, “The KGVK organization’s commitment to sustainable development is a testament to its dedication in improving the lives of marginalized communities. The installation of solar street lights not only addresses the longstanding issue of inadequate street lighting but also enhances safety, social activities, and access to education and recreation for rural residents, particularly during the dark hours.”

These solar street lights also serve as a crucial deterrent to untimely accidents and discourage criminal activities in the villages. Furthermore, they provide a safeguard against encounters with wild elephants that pose a threat during the night in remote forested areas.

Residents and public representatives have lauded this initiative, acknowledging that it has resolved a longstanding problem and significantly improved their quality of life. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the positive impact of the KGVK organization’s work and pledged their ongoing support for rural development efforts conducted in collaboration with HDFC Bank for the betterment of the community.

The successful implementation of this pioneering project was made possible through the dedicated efforts of KGVK organization employees, including Anup Kumar Upadhyay, Karthik Kumar, Rohit Kumar, Pinky Devi, Devkinandan Mahato, Jaleshwar Mahato, Mrityunjay Mahato, Ravindra Mahato, AnulalGanjhu, Naveen Prajapati, and Chatur Mahato. Additionally, the support and contributions of Panchayati Raj (head) and the local community played a vital role in bringing this initiative to fruition.

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