Saturday, December 2, 2023

National Deworming Day Program launched in Jamshedpur, 9.7 lakh children to receive Albendazole tablets

Jamshedpur: In a significant public health initiative, the National Deworming Day program has been officially launched in Sundergarh district. Deputy Development Commissioner Manish Kumar inaugurated the program at the district level by administering Albendazole medicine to children at the Nandup Anganwadi Center. The program aims to provide Albendazole tablets to 9,73,417 children and adolescents aged 1 to 19 years in the district.

A comprehensive target has been set to ensure the administration of Albendazole tablets to a total of 9,34,417 children and adolescents across the district. The distribution plan includes 69,650 children in the Baharagora block, 53,610 in Chakulia, 44,783 in Dhalbhumgarh, 28,571 in Dumariya, 4,97,771 in Golmuri Jugsalai, 60,655 in Ghatshila, 44,403 in Musabani, 75,600 in Patamada, and 97,389 children in Block Potka.

Addressing the gathering, the Deputy Development Commissioner highlighted that the National Deworming Day program is being executed under the leadership of the Health and Family Welfare Department, with active collaboration from the Women and Child Development Department and the Education Department. He emphasized the importance of the collective efforts of all frontline service providers involved in the program to ensure its success. He also urged parents and guardians to adhere to safety guidelines and cooperate fully with the service providers during the deworming program. Drawing a parallel with the successful Mission Indradhanush, he called for even greater dedication to ensuring the effectiveness of the Deworming Day program, with the aim of deworming as many children as possible.

Furthermore, the Deputy Development Commissioner informed the audience that a Mop-Up Day is scheduled to be organized on September 29th to ensure the comprehensive coverage of the deworming initiative.

Worm parasites inhabit the human intestine and extract essential nutrients from the human body for their survival. Worm infections are a significant public health challenge in India and can have adverse impacts on the physical, mental, and educational development of children and adolescents. They also pose risks of anemia and malnutrition. Regular deworming can help eliminate worm infestations among children and adolescents, leading to improved physical and cognitive development and an enhanced quality of life.

Albendazole is a WHO-approved medication widely used to prevent intestinal worm infections in children and adolescents worldwide. For young children, Albendazole tablets should be properly crushed. Under the Deworming Day program, children aged between 6 to 19 years will receive medicines at schools. Children aged 1 to 2 years should be administered half a tablet of Albendazole, those aged 2 to 3 years should receive one tablet, and children aged 3 to 19 years should also be given one tablet each. The program aims to protect the health and well-being of children and adolescents by addressing worm infestations and their associated health risks.

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