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11,000 KVA line falls at Dimna Bustee, three injured, residents lock JUVNL office

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Jamshedpur : An 11,000 KVA line fell on the houses at the Dimna Bustee, due to which a woman and two children to got injured.

The wire that fell on the houses belonged to the state power board, Jharkhand Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (JUVNL). Soon after the incident, the bustee dwellers came out of their respective housees and went over to the power sub-station. They locked the office and staged demonstration.

A local BJP leader, Vikas Singh arrived at the spot with his supporters and contacted the JUVNL’s chief engineer, Jamshedpur Area Board, AP Singh. On being informed by the BJP leader, the chief engineer sent assistant engineer (electrical), Sunil Kumar at the spot and the snapped up high tension line.

The BJP leader, Vikas Singh said that there was no guard under the high-tension line that passed over the densely populated area.

Superintending engineer, JUVNL’s Jamshedpur Circle, Ram Janam Singh admitted that a high-tension wire had fallen at Dimna Bustee in the morning.

�The electricity cables laid in the area are naked and live. They stretch along the roads, which is a serious concern. During the rainy season we face a huge risk to our lives due to these wires,� said a local.

Several fatal incidents have occurred as a result. The residents of the area threatened to come out on the streets against the departments concerned if the wires were not replaced.

An official admitted that the incidents of cables falling take place in the JUVNL command areas during the rainy season, but he prompted to say that they are concerned about the problem. He, however, promised to carry out a survey of the areas where the JSEB supplies power during the monsoon, and try to find out the defective overhead cables soon.

Apart from short-circuit, cases of deaths due to electric shocks in several areas from these wires have also been reported. But all these incidents have failed to evoke reaction from the authorities, who have never bothered to take action for redressing this grievance of residents.

�Though the web of loose high-tension wires in the JSEB command areas poses a threat to the life and property of the residents, the authorities are not bothered to take action on it,� said Prakash Sharma, a social worker.

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