Thursday, May 19, 2022

Youths should come forward to fight corruption: Rakesh

Jamshedpur, Feb. 20: Jamshedpur Lok Sabha Yuva Congress Committee on Monday held a meeting at Bhuiyadih Gwala Busti which focused on to include more youths to the organisation to strengthen the base.

At the meeting it was also decided about the upcoming election. Heading the meeting, Rakesh Sahu, vice-president of Jamshedpur Lok Sabha Yuva Congress Committee, appealed the youths of Jamshedpur to join the party by relying on the vice-president of All India Congress Committee Rahul Gandhi.

The membership drive in on and would continue till March 3. Rakesh Sahu further said that today people talk of corruption but the political system is drenched with it. ‘The only way to fight corruption is to bring more and more youths to the political fronts.

If there is no change in political system it would be very difficult to fight against corruption and youths can only help in development of a state and the country ‘, Sahu added.

Also present were Bimal Agarwal, Kamlesh Sahu, Sanjay Yadav, Ankit Singh, Bimal Tiwary, Rohit Sharma, Shrawan, Manoj, Laxman, Santosh, Ravindra, Mukesh and others.

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