Saturday, December 2, 2023

Youth Parliament at DAV Bistupur discusses ‘Renaming India to Bharat’


Jamshedpur: The Social Science club ‘Vimarsh’ of DAV Public School Bistupur organised the 5th edition of Youth Parliament on Monday. Pragya Singh, Principal, DAV Bistupur and ARO Jharkhand Zone-E, expressed her pride at the smartness and interest put forward by the young students portraying the esteemed leaders of our country. She encouraged more children to be involved in this so that they can be more aware citizens of the country.

The Youth Parliament is a significant platform for young individuals to engage in the democratic process, voice their concerns, and gain valuable experience in parliamentary proceedings. This report aims to provide an overview of the Youth Parliament, its objectives, structure, and the impact it has on youth engagement in politics.

The Youth Parliament typically mirrors the structure of the national parliament. It consists of two chambers, the ruling and the opposition respectively. The representatives were the students of classes VI-VIII. The session opened with a heated discussion on the agenda ‘Renaming India into Bharat’.

The second session was adjourned with a debate intensifying as well as covering more grounds on Economic Crisis and ‘Manipur Incident’ and ‘Crisis Management’ in 2 states of India, where communal riots might prevail and how would the parties tackle situation with peaceful solutions were also part of the day long debate which had both parties sharing their views.

Opposition fired several questions to the ruling party on social and economic issues, asking to present acceptable solutions for the welfare of the nation. Students portraying the roles of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi were the most effective. The final session started with a flurry of properly researched debate between the ruling and the opposition, after the draft was proposed.

The Youth Parliament is a valuable initiative that empowers and educates young people, fostering their engagement in the political process. It equips them with skills and knowledge that can shape them into informed and responsible citizens and future leaders

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