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Young Indians, Team Masom organizes awareness on child sexual abuse

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Jamshedpur, March 2: CII-YI and Team Masoom in association with Eylex and Big Bazaar endeavours to spread awareness about the issue of child sexual abuse through a public awareness campaign, a statement issued by the organizations stated on Wednesday.

Young children suffering abuse from persons close to them, undergo immense mental trauma as well. This issue is plaguing the world of children. According to statistics 53 percent children, both boys and girls are victims to some form of child sexual abuse or the other, which is almost one in every two children.

These organizations held a public awareness event through candle lighting and a prayer service from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on March 2 in honour and memory of all the children who suffer from psychological damage and physical trauma due to sexual abuse. The event was organized at the Eylex, Big Bazaar compound in Mango.

Navin Agarwal, the owner-partner of thee stablishment, has been a big support in helping plan and coordinate the event. Shubhasish, his assistant, helped with all the ground coordination required.

Team Masoom has conducted two such public awareness events earlier – outside Keenan stadium and in the Ganesh Puja Maidan in Kadma with an enthusiastic and encouraging response.

The Masoom vertical under the CII-YI banner is also currently engaged in a school campaign in association with Childline, where children are being educated about ‘safe touch’ and ‘unsafe touch’.

They are also being taught ways to keep themselves safe, thus empowering them. The schools covered so far are the Thakkar Bappa School- Dhatkidih, BKVM school- Kadma, MNPS Sakchi and Jusco School, Kadma.

So far they have reached out to and sensitised a 1000+ population comprising school children and adults. At the event, Young Indians-Team Masoom generated awareness about the existence of child sexual abuse and gave tips to parents to help keep their children safe.

Jayshree Goyal, of ASL and partner owner of the Eylex building, was the chief guest of the event. She commended team Yi-Masoom and stressed that all need to be aware about this issue so that children can grow in a safe environment.

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