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You shall reap as you sow depending on seed quality: Jaya Gandhi

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Jamshedpur, Aug 18: The Surabhi unit of Marwari Yuva Manch Steel City organized an online programme through Zoom App on �Blessings and good wishes are more effective than medicines during pandemic times.� The keynote speaker on the occasion was Jaya Gandhi who observed, �You reap as you sow. The quality of yields depends on the quality of seeds that have been sown. What we give we get back in double quantum depending on what we give. If it is bad, like curses and ill will, we get that back in double quantity. Similarly if we bless and pray for the good of all, we shall get back blessings and all the good things of life in much more quantity than what we have given.�

Jaya Gandhi went on to state the easy steps that could change our way of thinking and lifestyle and bring about enhanced positivity. �By bringing in positive changes to our physical and mental status we will be able to experience the joys of good health and mental peace. You will be able to protect yourself even from coronavirus infection with physical-mental positivity.�

In her welcome address while introducing the online session on Zoom App, Surabhi president Manisha Sanghi said that these pandemic times had instilled fear of the viral infection in everyone and almost all were undergoing mental, physical and financial strains. She said, �This programme has been organized to probe ways that would absolve us of the physical, mental and financial contretemps we are undergoing today. It is our endeavor through today�s discussion on finding ways to make our lives simpler, easier and healthier. It is essential to establish love and joy in mutual relationships.�

Surabhi secretary Usha Chowdhary stated while offering the vote of thanks that other than members many others of the community had participated online in the proceedings and had benefitted from the discussions. The organizing team comprised Arun Gupta, Kavita Agrawal, Vijay Anand Moonka, Gayatri Agrawal, Saroj Bansal, Bina Khurana, Purvi Jawanpuria, Nilam Agrawal and Bajrang Agrawal.

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