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XLRI: Students, teachers speak on stress caused by education

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Jamshedpur , Sept. 20 : XLRI Jamshedpur played host to students from different schools in the city along with their teachers and parents for �Reflections�, an event where issues relating to students are addressed in a participative manner. Reflections is an annual event organised by Samarthya of XLRI, a committee dedicated to children�s welfare. The theme of this year�s event was education stress.

The event involved students being paired up with parents and teachers who were not familiar to them, and were encouraged to open up about the stress that they feel regarding their studies. The event witnessed a footfall of 53 participants, which included 8 teachers and 18 parents. The discussions saw the teachers and parents opening up about their school days and how they dealt with the stress they faced. These further triggered students to share the same. All the three parties were then asked to evaluate the success stories and what helped them brave the storm. The students were encouraged to inculcate the lessons from these success stories in their lives.

Pragya Paramita Sahoo, the secretary of Samarthya said �Reflections is an event that is aimed at bridging the communicative distance between students, parents and teachers. Samarthya planned to bridge this gap using a different format of Appreciative Enquiry. From the very beginning, the process is aimed at bringing out ways to flourish in the face of stress in our lives and the best part is that all the 3 stakeholders presented their views. The sharing of the different perspectives was well appreciated by the participants as well.� The event was presided over by Mrs Jayanthi Sheshadri, the founder secretary of the English Language Teachers Association of Jamshedpur. Mrs Sheshadri talked about her school days when she herself faced failures but with the help of a teacher started working hard and succeeded eventually. She also talked to students about the greatness of teaching as a profession and encouraged them to pursue a career in teaching.

Samarthya is the youth wing of Centre for Education Management, Leadership and Research (CEMLR) and operates under the guidance of Father Peter. The committee was formed with the sole aim of helping the school students of Jamshedpur, their parents and their teachers deal with their emotions and realize their full potential. They also organise weekly sessions for students in XLRI campus to help them with their academics which are taken by students of XLRI. Samarthya also organises �Disha�, an annual career guidance fest that witnesses footfall from schools across Jamshedpur.

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