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XLRI provides ‘Disha’ to school students

Jamshedpur: The student-run body of XLRI, Samarthya organised career guidance programme Disha 2018 on Sunday . The chief guests of the event were Rahul K. Shukla, General Management Area (Instructor- Communications) and Ronald D’Costa, a founding member of Samarthya. Disha saw the participation of 10 schools and over 300 participants including students, their parents, and teachers.

Disha was initiated with the intention to spread awareness about different careers available, among students and their parents considering their interests. The event aims at bridging the gap that a lack of information has created and helped students in taking a wise decision and making an informed choice related to their career.

Rahul Shukla initiated his presentation with the question, “What is critical thinking?” He went on to emphasize the importance of critical thinking for career needs. “Our focus should be on the process and not the outcome”. He addressed the parents explaining that we don’t accept failures and look down upon them.

He further said that it is the parents’ responsibility to motivate their children and lay importance to the process rather than the final result. Professor Shukla said that our goals should also contribute to society and have a ‘greater’ purpose.

Shukla then went on to explain how to develop critical thinking. With a few practical engaging activities, he depicted how we develop a bias based on the information that we already know. It is important to ‘empty the bucket’ while learning new things and look at things from a new perspective.

It is also imperative to ask ‘why’. When we have an experience, we just interpret what it means. Here it is essential to analyze, break down the experiences into pieces and think critically about it. He ended the speech with the importance of failures and how sometimes failures can teach us more than success.

Ronald D’Costa, through his life story, motivated the students to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams. He further emphasized the importance of giving back to society.

The event included a psychometric test which helped students understand their personality better. It also offered a wide gamut of career counselors that were 62 in total. These were handled by XLRI students who shared their experience to help the students.

The students and their parents were satisfied with Disha and were extremely thankful. A parent even asked Samarthya to conduct more sessions throughout the year. Some even wondered what their lives would have looked like had they experienced such a session in their youth.

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