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XLRI organises Disha, students receive tips for success in career and life

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Over 600 students from 15 city schools participate

Jamshedpur: Samarthya, a student-run body in XLRI organised Disha2017 on Sunday. It was held at the Learning Center 2 in the XLRI Campus. The chief guests at the event were Professor Ram Kakani, VipraKakani, Father Francis Peter, the Faculty Advisor, and Professor Ronald D’Costa, who is the founding member of Samarthya.

Disha saw participation from about 15 schools and over 600 students, teachers and parents – the largest gathering entertained by it in the four years since it was first undertaken. A parent shared, “I loved Disha! When we were kids, we just followed what our parents told us. You are allowing the students an opportunity to choose their careers wisely. Please continue this; my son can visit next year!” We surely plan to, ma’am!

Disha was initiated with the purpose of spreading awareness about the various career options that a student has available to him/her, considering their ability and willingness. Without a high degree of willingness, one is adding nothing of value either to the self or the society. There should be an optimum relationship between ability and willingness in order to start on the path of a successful career. Knowing oneself is absolutely critical in making the final choice.

The event began with the lamp lighting ceremony by the Chief Guests following which Fr. Peter Francis welcomed the students, parents, and teachers to the fourth edition of Disha. He spoke of the fact that Disha is not just a one-time event; the team welcomes any questions asked on its Facebook page, Samarthya – The Human Potential Center or emailed to them.

As a keynote speaker, Professor Kakani took the stage to emphasize the information overflow in today’s age and the niches introduced even in mainstream careers like engineering and MBA. Another important factor to consider is the depth one wishes to dive into in the career of their choice. Sometimes, a Bachelor’s degree is all that one desires; for someone else, even a doctorate degree might not suffice to quench the thirst of knowledge. With the changing market scenario, increasing competition and newer sectors opening up (who imagined home delivery of grocery 50 years ago?), the need for such initiatives which bring together two parties, the young students on the verge of making a decision and the best minds of the country who have substantial experience in diverse fields.

He ended his address with a video showing the Marshmallow effect wherein it was proved that young children who waited 15 minutes for two marshmallows instead of the instantaneous gratification of just one, were more successful in their lives than their counterparts.

Professor Ronald D’Costa reiterated that career shouldn’t make us a slave; it should be our choice to be engaged in it. The ability to adapt has become a vital competency in these fast-changing times.

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