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XLRI Jamshedpur Ensemble Valhalla: Young turks address Shark Tank on day one


Jamshedpur : Ensemble Valhalla, XLRI’s annual cultural, sports, and  management festival, organized Day 1 of the 3-day extravaganza that is Ensemble Valhalla 2022. 

The fest’s theme is “Symphony in Chaos”. The theme calls for people to find their 

symphony in the chaos that life sometimes becomes. After 2 years, XLRI has woken up to a completely offline version of the 23rd edition of Ensemble Valhalla. 

The day kickstarted on the football ground at the football ground with Team XLRI & IIM Sambalpur

battling it out. Contingents from IIM Bodh Gaya, XIMB, XISS and other colleges faced each other in 

multiple rounds across sports Badminton (M&W), Cricket (M&W), Volleyball(M), Carrom(U) and 

Basketball(M&W) among others. With over 350+ contingent members having visited, the campus 

roars with cheers for every team that sweats on the field to take away the coveted trophies, the result of which will be known at the end of EV 2022. Day 1 also witnessed massive participation of different student teams in various Business  Competitions like Bid it Like Beckham, Helios, Strike or Yield, Time Turner, Strike or Yield, and The Idea Summit, the flagship entrepreneurship event. 

The major attraction of the day was the enchanting panel of the Idea Summit and the most anticipated 

Pro Shows. The Shark Tank Panel – Sulay Lavsi (Bummer), Anirban & Shamik(Altor), Anuja Kabra (Skippi), Anushree Maloo (Nuutjob) witnessed a discussion where the panelists shared stories of how they chose to be entrepreneurs and their journey so far. They focussed on sharing their Shark Tank  experiences and all the emotions they went through while being a part of Shark Tank. Recalling the good times, Anushree said – “We didn’t think that we’ll get to the audition for Shark tank. We were shooting for a pitch when we got a call for audition. My uncle came up with that idea of dressing up as a man so that you can connect more. We thought this is for the brand and people will remember so whatever happens.“

The XLRI Tata Auditorium saw some amazing dance moves in the solo dance competition “Natyanjali”. The participants came up with different dance forms and the synergy of so many different forms of art mesmerised the audience. There were a few dance battles to decide the final winners of the  competition. 

When asked about dilemmas faced by entrepreneurs, Ravi said “For an entrepreneur, the gut feeling, the faith is much more important. I come from a business family so I knew profit is also important, thus I made sure that it’s sustainable.” All of them emphasised that one can’t stay in the comfort zone, a leap of faith is necessary to become an entrepreneur. The panellists also indulged in a rapid fire  round where they spilled the beans about the shoot days and “the sharks”. The discussion concluded  remembering some funny Shark Tank memes that broke the internet.

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