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Winter takes exit in Jamshedpur, temperature reaches 34 degree

Jamshedpur: It’s time to pack woollens and other warm clothes as the temperature witnesses an abrupt rise across the state signalling winter’s exit in the next few days.

The countdown to winter�s exit has started. With minimum temperature crossing the 13 degree Celsius mark the weathermen at the Patna Meteorological Centre says that the rising temperature is signaling exit of winter.

In most districts of Jharkhand, temperatures have already crossed this mark, while a detailed analysis has revealed that there is no possibility of a fresh plunge.

” As per our study if the minimum readings continue to be over 13 degree mark for the next few days we will officially declare the exit of winter from the state,” said A.K Sen, director of the Patna Meteorological Centre.

�The way the temperatures have shot up this season we can predict a hotter summer this season. The summer is already upon us and residents are already feeling the heat. The city is experiencing day temperatures of around 34 degrees Celsius and more, that too in February,� said a senior official of Meteorological department, Sonari.

He said that though it is impossible to predict weather in the long term however the hotter February this season is an indication about the situation to be prevailed during this summer. City may experience hotter days when the storms disrupt sea breeze and delay the onset. This results in the temperature soaring above normal.

The Met office has announced a dry weather in Jharkhand for the next 48 hours. ” Weather will be mainly dry with clear sky in mos places during the next two days. Both the the maximum and minimum temperatures will witness a rising trend,” said a weather analyst at the Patna Meteorological Centre.

The prevailing westerly winds have propelled a mercury rise in most parts of the state. The local weather office�on Thursday recorded a maximum of around� 34 degree Celsius. Today, too Jamshedpur had recorded a maximum reading of 33.3 degree Celsius,�six notches above normal.

The official added that the dry westerly and northwesterly winds from Bay of Bengal are making the temperature rise. Temperatures will remain above normal till this weekend at least. Only a sudden downpour can give relief from heat.

When contacted that Dr. U K Srivastava said that the onset of summer also calls for precautions to protect against the sun. Last year, about 50 cases of heat stroke were registered at the MGM Hospital.

A considerable amount of patients with skin infections and sun burns were also treated.

He said that people visiting his clinic with complain of heatstroke and skin infections have increased and patients are complaining rise in temperature.

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