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By Biplab Roy
An act of non-violence is more powerful than an act of violence. Peace of mind and dignity of the individual are not affected by an act of non-violence as the same manifests peace and tranquillity in achieving the demand from the concerned authority.

Gandhiji, our Father of the Nation, is the pioneer of non-violence strength of which was heartily realized by the British and was ultimately compelled to free India.

We have achieved our independence following both the paths of violence and non-violence but at one point of time the path of violence proved inadequate in achieving independence as mass could not be involved in violent movement of freedom straggle.

Violence is not the ultimate solution of any problem and nothing can be achieved permanently following the path of Violence. Instead of achieving the object of any violent movement it always spreads hatred between persons to persons, community to community and also religion to religion which we have experienced in the past.

It every time causes bloodshed of innocent people who are directly or indirectly not concerned with the demand of any violent movement. It is very unfortunate to say that India being a land of non-violence and follower universal brotherhood is worst victim of violence acts in the recent time which is no doubt a big challenge to the nation to spread it further.

It is a matter of regret that when we are extending hands to one of our neighbouring countries for friendship and co-operation in all possible ways, our soldiers in return receive bullets in the border.

When we talk about peace between two countries incident like Mumbai took place causing death of innocent people. It is now naked to all that our good neighbour is now a day a great conspirator to cause harm to us by indulging terrorist activities within its territory.

Our said neighbour is also not happy and in peace as it is well known “Those who use the sword will die by the sword.” It is not a tough job for us to meet any challenge of the outsiders but it is too tough to face the challenge when our own brothers and sisters allow the outsiders in their homes and give them bread and butter against some monitory benefits.

Bibhisan supported Ram as his elder brother Ravan followed the path of “adharma” but some of our brothers and sisters follow the path of “adharma” to cause bloodshed of their own brothers and sisters and indulge terrorist activities in their houses and courtyard. They should stop it immediately otherwise they will be subjected to the same hatred that they are indulging.

Two days before the eve of Christmas an act of hatred has not only shaken the very foundation of our belief on brotherhood, dignity of individual and right to life but has raised a question also with regard unity and integrity of our nation. Bodo Militants of Assam have killed more than eighty innocent people including women and children belonging to Schedule Tribes who are not any way concerned with their demand.

They even did not know why they had been killed. Around 2,500 people have fled their homes and are staying in relief camps after the attack. This is the one of the biggest tragedy of the nation but unfortunately we are observing Christmas happily, moving with the family for recreation at different places and the said incident has left no impression on our mind and heart.

We are not even worried of the said inhuman incident. Few days ago similar act of hatred took place at Peshwar Army School, Pakistan causing death of 132 innocent school children and people of all walks of lives of our country including West Bengal came on the street condemning such barbaric act.

It is expected as we always condemn the act of violence. Unfortunately, no mourning procession after the said brutal killings at Assam by Bodo Militants has been seen in the streets of Kolkata and other towns of West Bengal although Assam is the bordering state of West Bengal.

Even majority of our scholars have not used any protest word against such brutal act of hatred and expressed condolence to the family members of those persons.

Our Home Minister has rightly said “No talks with the militants even if they sue for peace. They will be prosecuted under terror laws.” We expect and trust that the laws of the land will not spare them. Bodo Militants problem is not a new one.

It has been started in mid-70 disturbing entire north-east States. Why no effective step has been taken till now to die down this issue despite several killings for last 35 years?

Why no effective step has been taken to find out who are giving Oxygen to such extremist group? We have elected Government in the said state; we have good number of State Police and Central Forces working in the said state but unfortunately such inhuman incident could not be stopped.

Why intelligence department of the State police had no information before such incident taken place? I have no hesitation to state that such a incident happens only when our intelligence department does not work sincerely.

Apart from that the affected area is near to the border of Bhutan and Bangladesh. To prevent such hatred act to be occurred in future immediate fencing is required to be made in the border of indo-Bhutan and Indo-Nepal and also surveillance mechanism should be installed immediately in the bordering area of Indo- Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh so that militants may not get thorough-passage from one country to another.

Further, border dispute between Assam and Mizoram should be settled without further delay. These steps may reduce terrorist and hatred acts to some extent.

Biplab Roy is a free-lance writer and the views expressed are his personal.

He may be reached at [email protected]

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