Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Villagers protest against poor quality of bridge

Jamshedpur, September 13: Large number of villagers on Tuesday protested before the under construction bridge at Sanspur Village in Jaduguda.

The bridge which is being built under Galudih Swarnrekha project is worth several crores and the villagers say that it invites accident while the quality of the materials used is of low grade.

Gram Pradhan Arvind Bhakt says that the temporary guard built on the bridge falling down on its own and is inviting accident.

Several of the commuters have been injured. He further said, despite several complaints there is no one to address the problem and people find it difficult to take path near the under construction bridge as the contractor doesn’t allow the people to cross via bridge.

Commuters pass near the bridge and fear that the guard wall might fall on them. Pradhan went to add that we are waiting to see what action does the assistant engineer of Galudih Barrage takes.

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