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Villagers kill stray deer near Jamshedpur, organize community feast


Deer butchered in Gram Pradhan’s garden, attempts to erase evidence

Forest Dept initiates legal proceedings

Mail News Service
Saraikela, Dec 7: The degenerate shades of inhuman character were to the fore in Kandagora village of Saraikela Block when a stray, fully grown deer from the nearby forest was spotted by villagers at 6 am on Sunday. They chased the docile animal and aided by stray dogs managed to round it up and take it to the garden of Gram Pradhan Pandit Hembram where they tied it to a wild berry tree and butchered it. They then organized a community feast, cooking the flesh of the deer at the garden. Afterward, the debauches tried to clear all evidences by uprooting the wild berry tree from the roots and throwing it in the bushes. They washed the blood spots and picked up bits and pieces of bones and meat. They also brought in some pigs to devour the leftovers.
The news spread like wild fire and the saner mankind had nothing but remorse for this inhumane act of the Kandagora villagers. Video shots of the lifeless deer’s head tied to the wild berry tree went viral on WhatsApp and Face Book but were shortly removed. The Saraikela Forest Department and Saraikela police immediately launched an investigation into the heinous crime. With the aid of micro pixel images captured from the FB posts, the Forest Department Regional Forest Officer Pramod Kumar led a team comprising Forester IN Charge Sunil Kumar Mahto, Shubham Panda, Devendra Nath Tudu, Sita Soren and Prakash Nayak was able to unfold the horrendous episode of cruelty. They nabbed Gram Pradhan Pandit Hembram and based on his revelation caught Kandagora villager Sadhu Charan Purty and Borjo Purty. Cases have been initiated against them. Tracing operations are also in progress against 50 other villagers involved in the feast of wolves.
According to reports which have been stated as confirmed, a fully grown deer had strayed from the lower regions of Akarshani Forest into Kandagora village at 6 am on Sunday. On seeing the animal villagers had to chase it around for a long time. The stray dogs in the village joined in the chase after which the deer was captured. After capturing the deer, the animal was taken to the garden of the Gram Pradhan and tied to a wild berry tree and slaughtered it. Later the meat was cooked for a community feast.
Pramod Kumar and his team reached the village at 6 pm on Sunday. The ladies of the village, on query feigned ignorance about the incident. Not getting any help from the villagers, the team had to return empty handed at 9 pm.
On Monday early morning Pramod Kumar and the Forest Department team revisited the spot. They recovered the wild berry tree from the bushes nearby. They questioned the landlord of the place Pandit Hembram where the deer was slaughtered. The team also found pieces of meat at the spot.
A case has been filed against the accused under Schedule 3 of the Wildlife Act. The pieces of meat recovered from the spot are bewing sent to Dehradun Wildlife Research Institute for tests.


Killing wild animals a serious offence: Pramod Kumar
Saraikela Regional Forest Officer Pramod Kumar informed that information about the killing of a stray deer was received by the department on Sunday late afternoon. He said on receipt of the information they launched investigation at Govindpur and four other nearby villages. On collecting more information, the Forest Department team reached Kandargora village and conducted enquiries but he said, the villagers did not cooperate. “On Monday, we revisited Kandagora and during investigation at and around the spot we found vital evidences which we collected. Based on these evidences we have started legal proceedings. Killing wild life is a serious offence.”

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