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Vijaya Gardens residents show off their walking skills

Jamshedpur, Oct 6: Fun N Fitness team of Vijaya Gardens, Baridih had conducted Walking Race for Residents on 5th October near Community Hall No. 3, Vijaya Gardens from 6.30 AM onwards to celebrate the occasion of Older�s Day & Gandhi Jayanti. Fifty residents (50) had taken part in the event.

Avinash Kumar, Event Coordinator conducted the entire race along with Fun N Fitnes team members C H Srinivas Rao, Kali Prasad, MVR Murthy, Vikrant Singh, H S Gogna and others.

The results for the race were: For Ladies 61 years & above Padma Srivastava was first, Vichitra Devi was second while Shakuntla Sinha was third. Ladies 51 to 60 years Sarita Vasudeva, Phulwant Kaur and Veena Ojha were top three in the category. Ladies 22 to 40 years Sonal Khemani grabbed the first position, Ankita Pankaj was second while Runa Choudhary was third.

In the men�s Category: For Men over 71 years N R Ghosh was the lone participant. Men 61 to 70 years Karnail Singh was the winner, Lakhpat Singh was the runners up while V S Viswanathan was third. Men 51 to 60 years K S V Ramni was first, M. Kali Prasad was second while P N Bassan was third.

Men 41 to 50 years CH Srinivas Rao came first, R S Mishra was the runners up while Rishi Gupta was third. Men 28 to 40 years Ravi Kumar grabbed the first position, Tarun Choudhary was second while V Satish was third.

Children also took part in the event were 10 to 14 years Meghna, Anushree and Rehima were on the top three spot while Children below 10 years Abhimanyu, Rashmi and Smriti were the winners.

B N Mishra, was the Chief Guest and distributed the prizes along with Awadesh Ojha, Deepak Sinha, M M Prasad, Babu Rao, H S Gogna and Babu Nag.

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