Monday, August 8, 2022

Vigilance committee formed in UCIL to fight corruption

Jadugora: A workshop on the causes, impact and remedy for corruption was organized as a part of the ongoing Vigilance Awareness Week in the Uranium Corporate of India Limited (UCIL) at Narwa Pahar on Friday.

The mines manager Manoranjan Mahali informed the participants about the directives of the Central government on corruption. He said it was possible to fight corruption by the collective efforts of the media, schools, colleges, families and various social and religious institutions.

The speakers at the workshop elaborated on the issue of corruption by taking up its various practical aspects. They appealed to the employees to work with utmost honesty and integrity. They underlined the importance of vigilance and awareness in the system.

A vigilance team of UCIL officials was formed for various departments and mines areas during the workshop. It includes PN Sarkar for Narwa, Ravindra Kumar for Jadugora, Manoranjan Mahali for Narwa, Falguni Sarkar for Narwa, Sanjeev Ranjan for Turamdih and Abhishek Tiwary as vigilance officer. Sanjay Bang was nominated as the Chief Vigilance Officer.

A vigilance investigation team was also formed to probe into corruption cases coming to light in the company. It includes Prabhas Ranjan, SK Sengupta, Rajesh Yadav, Robbins Kumar and Dr DP Tamankar.

The other UCIL officials present at the workshop included S Vardhan, PN Sarkar, Stalin Hembram, Gaurav, Kalyan Das, Prakash Jha, TK Majhi, AK Srivastava, Raushan Lal, NK Singh, SN Singh, NK Singh and Hemraj.

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