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Vertigo needs to be properly diagnosed and treated


Jamshedpur, May 20: Department of ENT, Tata Main Hospital (TMH) inaugurated a 2-day workshop on Vertigo at Auditorium, Tata Main Hospital.

The Guest Speaker of the function was Dr. Anirban Biswas, renowned Neurologist from Kolkata. He is among the pioneers for vestibular medicine. Otologists and Physicians from Bihar and Jharkhand will also participate in the event.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Biswas said, ‘Unfortunately, these patients are very rarely treated by most doctors. Vertigo is just a manifestation of some underlying disorder that needs to be properly diagnosed and treated’

Vertigo is very common medical condition where a person feels that objects around them are moving, and at times may be associated with nausea, vomiting, heaviness of head and difficulty walking.

Dizziness affects 20-40% of people at same point in time and becomes more prominent with age; often it affects females more than males.

Ear is one of the most common and neglected cause for instability which very few people an aware of a cure for. Patients remain in search of a cure for vertigo (giddiness/dizziness) visit different doctors and despite consuming varieties of medications remains symptomatic.

The aim of this workshop is to create an awareness amongst the masses regarding the problems associated with vertigo and its logical management.

Tata Main Hospital also wants to remove the misconception that medicines are only the answer to vertigo.

There are certain categories of giddiness/dizziness which can be managed easily by exercises and canal re-positioning man oeuvres.

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